Is there anyone interested in painting a Tibby?

Hey, I have a customer who has a Tibby sculpt that she’s looking to have painted. I don’t have time right now but told her I’d check with other artists here and see if there is anyone who may be interested. She just wants a Caucasian skin tone, if you’ve seen my painting she wants a similar style, but knows it won’t be exactly how I paint or anything. As far as I know it would not be a real custom, just a sculpt request. If you might be interested let me know and I can give her your info and you guys can discuss details :slight_smile:

Updated to add: She wants painted hair

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She just wants it painted, not rooted?

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You know I’m actually not sure, I’ll ask her and update this post.

I could do it. I’m in Canada though. I don’t know if I’m skilled enough. Here is a couple photos.


@jeanhai I added it to the top also, but she wants painted hair, good thing I can’t do it, because I can’t paint hair!!

@morgan123 PM me your contact info, I told her I’d try to get a few possibilities for her, so I’ll send her the contact info of anyone who would possibly be interested.

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