Is there a market for alternative reborns?

I feel like they just don’t sell as well. But then again there are few alternative artists out there. I love Bean Shanine’s work!! That being said, it seems like most other alternative artists can’t reach the same popularity. Maybe I’m wrong? It just seems like normal reborns are what most people want. I personally like both.


Becca, that is such a special nitch that not everybody fits into. I don’t care for them myself but I do admire the beautiful workmanship that goes into them. Some of the artists that do alternative babies are really great at their art. The skill it takes to make a little one like that has to be admired. Personally, I would never buy one, but it certainly doesn’t keep me from looking and saying Oooooo, cute.


Well said, @lynn ! :heart:

Thanks, Bec.

There have been a few alternative dolls that I wanted. There was a baby Frodo, and a baby Mr. Spock that if I had the money, I would have gotten. I think if they are well done, they will find a good home.

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I think the spookier alternatives are a really niche market. They mostly appeal to younger people who are into all the vampire, zombie, etc. stuff. Many of them just don’t have the money for these dolls. I will say though, people who are really into it will practically go without eating to buy something in their favorite genre! One of our younger friends spends a great deal of money on Dr. Who and Star Trek. So the market is out there. It’s just more narrow. I almost wonder if advertising alternatives somewhere besides as reborn dolls would work better. Like say if you did a baby Spock, advertise it as a Star Trek doll with Trekkie (Trecker?) genre items.