Is the Wholesale Site Gone?

Whenever I sign in, it routes me to the retail site. I haven’t been in the loop, I admit, so did I miss something? I love BB, but the wholesale site has been utterly frustrating. It was made to sound really great - worth getting a license for the savings, perks etc. I know there were some kinks at first, but if it’s totally gone, that is really upsetting. For those of us that were seemingly promised certain things, it just quietly tap danced itself off the web and left us hanging? Not cool.


Yes, someone from Canada emailed and asked. I have no idea why they didn’t posted about closing it down since they are really good posting all kind of things related to their business.


I always thought the whole thing was confusing and I’m sure it became a headache for them. Personally I’m glad it’s back to “normal”.

At the very least they owed us a heads up. An email, something. Really disappointed in how this was handled.


It’s just not fair to those of us that took all the extra steps to be a part of it, and be promised how great it would be, to then just be left absolutely in the dark. I can certainly understand it maybe not working for them, but we deserve to be kept informed. I can be understanding to just about anything, but this feels so cruddy!


I wondered the same thing. It doesn’t carry supplies at all now either, and only has a few reborn kits. If anyone hears anything let me know. I’m about to cancel my small business license. It’s not worth the hassle.

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