Is Realborn Ashley gone?

I just went to the BB website to order an Ashley asleep and she seems to have disappeared? I know it’s possible she’s out of stock but I can’t even find her listing in the gallery or search page. Is it just a fluke or is she gone for good?

That is odd

@EmilyBB @bbsupport

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I see Ashley awake but not asleep. I hope she’s not gone for long. I bought an awake version but I really want the sleeping version. She’s such a cute little baby. :heart:

I ordered her yesterday.

You only get open eyed in the supply search as well it is strange .

She is showing now but out of stock

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Glad to know she’s not gone for good!

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Oh good! I checked this morning and she had completely vanished,. It didn’t even show “out of stock”. And I was wondering if her mold broke or something.
Must have been a glitch

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I bought the Asleep version yesterday now I’m wishing I bought the awake version. To go with her
I hope she’s not gone she’s a fave

I got the awake version and I ACTIVELY thought, “well she’ll be on sale again”.
I like the awake and asleep versions equally, maybe asleep even a little better, but they had the awake seconds and who could resist?
And half off normal price happens periodically so I knew I would get another chance someday.
(I got 4 kits to make right now anyway, mostly for self and lov d ones)

Possibly because of this?