Is my baby sealed if I just do skin texturing?

wondering if my reborn will be completely sealed if I just do skin texturing with matte varnish. thanks!!!

Most people seal with matte varnish or look alive, some with thinning medium. The skin texturing is a perk I think. I may be all wrong about this. I use GHSP and rarely do a formal SEALING. I do varnish lips and toes and hair for texture but I if I prep vinyl I don’t seal.


Sounds like your skin texturing is the same exact thing as sealing… to me.
My last GHSP step is texturing with sponging on matte/satin varnish mix and baking 2 or 3 times…

I personally like the feel of soft touch varnish so I add that over it as well. It air drys and mattes it more with out being rough. I add a tiny bit of cornstarch and stir really well before sponging the soft touch on.

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@jlesser When you do soft touch over matte varnish do you get the look of the skin texture with the softness of the soft touch?!

I seal my babies with look alive thinning medium for sealer and texture!:grinning::+1:

Yes, you can still see the texture under it

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Thank you. That sounds great! I will have to try it!

I use matte varnish and satin varnish mixture and seal all my babies. I really don’t think a customer is going to try and strip a baby and I also think it keeps the colors from any fading or shine. JMO

I just asked bountiful baby, they said just the matte varnish will be fine. Thank you for the info though