Is it that hard?



Maybe seller forgot, but it’s hard to forget when eBay is always reminding you to leave feedback.

If I don’t get feedback in 3-4 days I send them a reminder asking them to leave feedback and also state its importance to the seller as well as the buyer. Sometimes it takes a few reminders from me but it seems to work,

Yes. FB is voluntary, and as mentioned above totally useless for buyers, some people are busy and do not think about going back to eBay to leave FB. People who sell lot leave usually FB in bulk; some do it once a week, some every 2 months, and they may not appreciate to have people messaging them. And seller should never ask for FB; I consider no news a good news. :smile:

Yes, I am, I had awesome FB on this other site, then let my account lapse so it all went away. I bought the doll because I loved him, but was hoping for a positive transaction for my FB as well. I deleted a couple posts, cause I realize they may be construed as passive aggressive if she happened to be a member here as well.

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