Is it real or fake?

I was wondering if is a legit site to buy a reborn realistic baby??

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It is legit but the baby dolls are not hand painted reborns. The dolls do look more realistic than regular dolls.


Yes, they are. They are not reborn dolls, but are high quality dolls that have a degree of realism to them.


Are they soft and squishy like realistic babies? Trying to find one because it’s hard to get pregos.

The silicone ones should be, but silicone is more fragile than vinyl and needs special care.

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Is there anymore not scam sites that have squishy realistic babies??

Genuine handmade reborn silicone dolls cost thousands of dollars. Beware of dolls advertised as silicone vinyl. There is no such thing.

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I do not know about their (AD) silicones. I have heard they are firmer.

They are legit factory dolls. Not reborns but some reborn artists buy them, redo them and sell them…

Silicones are not really sold on sites… you have to find artists. But they cost thousands for nice ones.

Susan Dizon Gibbs
Jennie Lee
Alexandra’s Babies ( a ton of her videos and photos have been stolen by the scam sites)
Faithfully Made
Laurie Sullivan Roy
An Haung
Julie Malloy

are some artists I can think of off the top of my head… but like I said their work costs thousands.


Thank you I bought one off of an haung, I’m so happy for your help.

Ashton drake silicones are okay. I own one but it gets sticky very easily and needs more care.
I understand wanting a squishy baby, but honestly, I usually prefer vinyl babies for cuddles.