Is it just me or?

I took a beruenger apart last night and washed it and added a few layers of paint to reborn for a little girl who is almost 2. Anyway now I am ready for it to be put back together I got the head on and one leg and now it refuses to go back together. I’ve heated it. I have cut slits in the bigger spot, I took the plugs out. I tried sing a spoon to try to push it in. Nothing! Any more ideas? Other than wait and let hubby deal with it?

Sorry, but it is usually a hubby job accompanied by bad words including but “why did you have to take it apart in the first place $@&**?” Legs have to be lined up just right too. Arms aren’t as bad if that is any comfort.

Try liquid soap… It works to get tight rings off!!!

Not yet ladies my husband just got home but he has that job tonight before or after church. I never thought about soap I may try that with the next Blikin. I had to put one of those together today too but barely managed that.

When I reborn a full vinyl doll I take the limb and push part of the flange into the torso opening to get it started and applying A LOT of pressure keep turning it clockwise or counter clockwise and it should work its way back in. But I stress - YOU MUST KEEP THE PRESSURE AS YOU TURN - that’s the tough part.

Hope that makes sense.


Try a little baby powder on the openings. Then stick one side of the limb in and start twisting while you push like the dickens. Keep twisting and it should go in.

Thanks for posting these responses. I thought I was just weak!

Hubby finally got the limbs back in using a screwdriver.

I found a loom hook helps pull the hole open enough to shove the joint together. The ones with texture at the tip work best. But a screwdriver will work nicely too, lol.

Thank you I think i refuse to ever take a beruenger apart if I am putting the body back together!