Is it just me in this?

So it’s gotten to the point where I’m so excited about this community and the babas and artists N the artistry the work the talent everything and I talk about it so much that my daughter just told me to leave her alone and I’m boring her; my other half has taken to ignoring me so rude he is about my new love-this community/hobby, and I just feel so alone in my own house. It’s sad kuz my 10-year-old daughter used to be my BIGGEST support on this especially with what we’ve gone through with court etc. and now she’s just like “mommy stop talking about it the babies aren’t here yet and all you do is talk about the babies and how excited you are‼️“

Don’t get me wrong I do my hobbies with my children:: watch the TVs and movies with them That they want, when they want but most of the time they rather be by themselves. for the most part my daughter only requires my attention if she want something or wants to go outside and play soccer or something else like that and it’s kind of hurtful and saddening. I know they’re going up in the very independent people now but as I said before a part of what brought me to this community was trying to find comfort and solace as my children move away from me. I don’t know why, but currently I just feel empty. I’ve felt it before-no, incomplete- about this time last year because I didn’t have custody of the kids and always came ho to an empty house. So now My 4 1/2 year-old well he’ll be five in two months so my five-year-old is probably the only person who consistently partially acknowledges me (aside from my daughter when she’s feeling needy- that is the best way I can describe it lol ) and essentially speaking I don’t want to go back to a dark negative place. I have been to the point of deep depression before and don’t want to go there again. So this therapy hobby new love I’m hoping will be my healing completion and something me and my daughter can bond over like we initially planned when the babas actually get here. I think she’s lost interest Soley because the babas’ things are here; clothes no pacifiers yet bottle knickknacks accessories; but not the baby. so it’s just like “I don’t care until they get here “ when it comes to my daughter. Which is OK and I understand but I have nobody to talk to -no offense to you ladies LOL- but in person, face-to-face, someone else around me with common interest would be nice. I do talk to my aunt, the one who wanted to toddler doll LOL, but she’s got so much going on that we rarely talk now.

I really just currently feel empty and incomplete. Has anyone else felt like this or is it just me? Sorry to lay all this out on you ladies I just need to get it off my chest

Also before I forget I have been having baby fever for the past year so that may also be playing a part in all these emotions


Love your littles when they are home, they grow up way to fast. :sparkling_heart:
I hope your baby comes soon.:slightly_smiling_face:


I think we all get that way about things when they are new. I have a hard time with my family at times too, but they also go on and on about the things they are into and I get bored listening to them because I’m not I to whatever it is. Their new phone or game or what ever thing my husband is excited about. I started in July and remember trying to absorb everything I could and sharing all that knowledge with my family. They are better now and have come to respect what I’m doing but my kids are all older. You have to have a little patience with them at the age they are. They are just kids and a husband is just a man with his own interests etc. go easy on them. It’s hard I know.


Some of the rest of us here don’t have much family support, either. That’s why we talk about reborning to each other. These people get it. Your daughter will probably come back around when the babies actually arrive.


Yes, you have this Forum. All of us are just as excited as you waiting for your babies. We know the feeling!. My goodness, you will feel better when you get them and begin contemplating how you want to paint them, Then you will be wishing everyone would leave you alone so you can paint, lol. My husband and grown children pay me little attention when I talk about what new baby I am working or planning. I talk to them anyway. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yes I know. I keep reminiscing on when Amira was baba lol. And looking at her baby pics. I love spending time now but it’s like I have to beg. It feels to me I shouldn’t have to do that. Idk :neutral_face:

Well that’s great! I need to get into that mindset and frame. Like it’s alright -not to be alone per se, I know that- for me to have something they aren’t necessarily going to be fully interested in like me. It’s just the empty feeling. It nags.

Thanks for the kind words y’all :heart::purple_heart::latin_cross::heart_eyes::muscle:t5: Glad I have this forum​:bangbang::100:


Thanks. I’ll try to take that into consideration. It really just is because I want them to be as excited as I am. My daughter and her father have video games to bond over and she my son and their father have electronics to bond over everybody’s always on a game. I’m not a gamer lol.

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Yes. I’m glad we have each other. :revolving_hearts::two_hearts::heavy_heart_exclamation::sparkling_heart::blue_heart:
And for Amira , that’s what I’m thinking too. She thoroughly enjoyed getting a sneak peek at a preemie onesie so that was fun LOL but then it just made her ask “so when’s the baby coming❓“ and when I told her a month or so, it was like interest lost all over again lol.

You are not alone. I am going right now to be with my chickens. Yes, I have 4 pet chickens living in a chicken coop on my city back yard. When I am not working on my first baby still, I enjoy talking care of my birds. I baby sit them every day 20 to 30 minutes so they can take sun light which also benefits me. Instead of going to the Super to buy eggs they provide them for me, while my family (Husband) sleep the morning or watch tv. He doesn’t like the eggs :egg: either . Thanks for sharing!


I don’t think you are alone. I, too, feel empty and low at times, even with so many sculpts here. I don’t have anyone who is particularly interested in the dolls. My 12-year-old grand daughter used to be. Don’t know if she will be once we can be together again. However, my husband will politely listen if I have something to tell him from the forum I’ve learned or to look at my dolls in process. I have a couple friends who will listen/talk to me about them. So, I am not in your exact situation. I can see where it would be an unwanted place to be. Hopefully, when your daughter sees the kit and can actually hold a life like baby when it is done will come around with you. :slight_smile: All the best to you.

ETA: I have always sewn and made lots of things. Crochet, too, etc. My husband could really care less, but he does admire my work. He has come to realize (after 46 years) that I do have worth outside of house work, etc. When I get a new doll I am different form a lot of people I keep it out until he come home so I can show him and describe the tiny little features, etc. My first one that did take around some for my grand daughter, he used to even hold her and to hold one like areal baby is just natural. He would put her down in a good place and it would sorta like putting a baby to bed. He will show interest in one now and again. But it is my passion, not his. I do not care to hear about his online gaming, etc. But, I listen when he tells me something about anything he is into. I want the same from him, and I feel it is only fair. I do hope and think that your situation will get better once the baby comes and it gets painted and put together. :slight_smile:


It’s a really good think we have this outlet. Thank you for sharing as well. Glad to know it’s not just he lol​:latin_cross::muscle:t5::heart::two_hearts:


Awe thank you so much So true. And a hug would b nice right now

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OMG thank you for sharing that with me it really does put things into perspective for me. I think for everyone else too. I hope your 12-year-old granddaughter comes around or well is still interested when you do get to see her again. And yes I understand about the fair is fair because I do listen to them- the entire family- when they’re talking about whatever game or show they’re into/playing/watching but I don’t get that same response of listening intently in return. I think that’s the part that bothers me the most, the take with no give aspect

And perhaps it will get better once the baba gets here because then I’ll have someone else to focus on and I won’t care whether they’re interested or not LOL


Just to clarify, mine did not always listen or even act like he was listening to anything I was interested in. But, over the past some years, I have been more forceful, so to speak, that he listen to me. For some reason, he decided he would. :slight_smile: Even though I KNOW he could care less – if he just listens it is OK.


As much as I post I try to hide my new kits from hubby and he tells me to start selling some babies he really is supportive a lot of the time. I think I put more pressure on. My self lately to recoup my money than he does


Well mine just says he’s leaving tomorrow to visit his parents so it’ll be me blabbing to me now lol

The support must be nice I’m glad :heart::purple_heart::latin_cross:

Nothing wrong with that. I talk to myself when I want to talk to someone who is sensible! :slight_smile: I don’t hide my purchases from hubby. I always keep them up front until he comes home so I can show him. He always acts interested. He will look at the limbs as I show him they are perfect – I didn’t find any flaws, etc. I am not sure I could live with my conscience if I tried to hide purchases from him.


I tend to not use filters when I reply, sometimes get myself into a little trouble. I am going to try to be honest without seeming harsh.

I think it is awesome that you have found an interest and hobby for yourself, I think a lot of mom’s don’t and they tend to live for kids and family and neglect themselves. I hope you make some great connections here in the reborn community and if you are collecting and/or creating I hope it brings you joy.

That being said, you don’t need the support of and you don’t need your family to be in this with you. They will have their own interests. Your kids are 10 and almost 5. That is very young and still need you more than you think. This time is going to fly very fast. At these ages kids are still suppose to be the center of our lives. It is great to have interests and hobbies of our own but remember the real babies need to be center stage.

It is strange hobby for most people to understand. A lot of people get obsessed, not all but a lot. This is an expensive hobby and a lot of people around you may not understand the focus on and the expense of these babies and all the stuff you will buy and collect for them.

I think its fine they don’t like it, get it, or understand it, it’s personal and it’s understandable.

Your ten year old may fall in love or she may be turned off. She might share this with you in a positive way or not. Some girls are dolly girls, some are not.

As a mom we know our kids are not our “friends” we have a more important role. If you feel like your partner and kids are not connecting with you in a healthy and positive way it may be worth it to invest your time and energy into rebuilding those connections.

The heartbreaking part of parenting is that we raise our kids to go away. They are not here for us, we are here for them.

I understand baby fever, it is a strong biological ache that is hard to push away, it is even harder for kids and husbands to understand fully.

This is a great community of people who love these babies, there are forums and You Tube, doll shows…Let this be your own thing, you own little guilty pleasure, enjoy it, then love on your real babies (they are still babies). If they push you away give them even more kisses and cuddles.