Is it a holiday in Canada?

I ordered from Mac’s 4 days ago and it has yet to ship. It’s not like them, they are usually so fast.


Maybe it was a preorder? I have kits out for delivery today from Macs that I ordered Thursday.

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If it was the Maeve kit their’s were delayed so they couldnt ship on the day other dealers could.
But from what I have seen they have got them now and are shipping

Nope, nothing preordered. Just two regular kits and two pacifiers. It keeps saying processing., never changes.


Well other than maybe they are waiting on you to pay a shipping invoice I would say send them a ticket. Good luck, hope it’s settled quick for you. x

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I spent enough for free shipping. I’ll give it another day and then contact them.


I think it’s because of the doll show that was on this weekend. They were probably busy.


Did your order finally get shipped? x

I finally sent in a ticket to Mac’s. They immediately responded that they forwarded to their warehouse so they could look in to it. Three hours later I got a shipping notification. It arrived today.