Is anyone selling?

Boy this is depressing! I sure hope things pick up soon. At this rate I am gonna have to give reborn babies to everyone for Christmas! I am sure the men folk will not be thrilled!

I logged onto Etsy this morning and got so mad! It is completely dishearting the number of fake reborn dolls being sold out of China. Particularly the ones I saw that are a mix of copied parts by Bonnie Brown and put with a Levi head they opened the eyes up on. Selling the baby for $189. They use nice photos and the reviewers are not negative so yea, who can compete with that? I am so fed up with that and those who support theivery! People just do not care though.


People who buy those cheap fakes don’t realize that what’s in the photo is not what they’ll receive. I wish Etsy was a little more discriminating about what they allow to be sold on their site. Graphically explicit sex dolls mixed in with reborns is so inappropriate, especially when children use the site. I complained to Etsy multiple times about this. Some were either taken down or moved to a different category.


You’re right, people don’t care. They openly sell fake, they openly buy fake, don’t even try to lie about it. All about the price. What can we do about that ?
My dolls are piling up in boxes in my closet.
Still, there will always be collectors who will only want genuine high quality dolls and will gladly pay for it. They will not be the majority.
As for Etsy, it’s almost a scam in itself. Supposed to be handmade and furniture. It’s now as bad as eBay. They don’t mind participating in scams and counterfeit, as long as they get their money.
When people will be willing to pay money for quality over cheap, it may stop this but for now, that’s what we are dealing with.