Is Anyone Else Bothered By Tibby's Head? Please Share Your Tibby

I have Tibby as one of my kits to be painted. I decided to assemble and dress her up just to see how she looks.

Firstly, wow she’s a big baby and has funny shoulders as if she’s doing body building.

But the one thing I have the biggest problem with is her forehead. Where I come from that is called a four head.
I’m still new to Reborning. I had a plan to give her an afro but geez it’s gonna make her head even bigger. Does anyone else have a problem with her head?

Please share your finished Tibby. I need to see her in different images.

Thank you

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Here’s mine. Yes she has a noggin for sure and her head is squishy on the sides when rooting and makes the sides difficult. I love her all the same, she is my keeper and turns out wonderful in my opinion. Go for it !!!


She is such a cutie. And she doesn’t look that tall in the pic. Awwwww you did a beautiful job.

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Yes! too big!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here’s my unpainted Tibby chilling

I can’t wait to paint her but I don’t even have the extender ring for my convection oven. They are not sold in South Africa.


Awww…look at her in her Sunday best. She looks so sweet. Is that rooted hair or a wig?

@aclovly is yours rooted or wearing a wig?

Thanks! It is rooted human hair.

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Rooted human hair

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Thanks !!!

Wow! Ladies… And how long did it take you?

Oh yes @aclovly you mentioned the sides were squishy when rooting.

I had the kit and was a bit turned off by the forehead. I ended up selling or trading it. I’ve seen some really beautiful ones though.

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It took me about 8 long hours.

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Seemed like forever, lol. A few weeks off and on though. I work full time, so rooted when I could, That was also my first experience with human hair and it was a bit different.

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Your hair looks amazing !!!

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@lollipop_cradle, if the was the haha!:joy: button I would laugh but I feel you. At least for Caucasian babies or mixed abides you can have bangs.

Wow @evelyn that’s only a day. :clap:

@aclovly, I can only imagine how you anticipated to finish her. You also did an excellent hair.


My Tibby became my grandson at 2. Here he is with his baby sister.


Not in a day, 2 separate days.

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I love Donna Kay’s Tibby as well. She minimised the forehead well.



Not too bad. It’s still quick for that head.

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He’s also quite a cutie. I love him. I can see he’s also rooted. How long did it take you?