Is $150 plus $17 shipping too much for Realborn Priscilla?

Since I’m becoming more and more into Alternatives, I would like to sell Priscilla to fund my habit…I mean collection. lol The only reason I’m posting here instead of in for sale, is I would like opinions to make sure I’m being fair.

I bought her second hand, no COA, but she looks like she’s in really good condition and her hair is not bad at all (in my opinion). I’ve tried selling her on Mercari with no luck…I thought maybe I priced her too high, so I thought I would come here and ask the professionals.

***Just thought I’d note, if anyone on here was low on cash, but would like to get her for a gift maybe for a child or someone’s first reborn (I know she’s not on y’alls skill level…not even close)…I’d be open to trading for a couple BB kits if anyone thought that was a fair trade instead. I don’t feel safe offering that deal anywhere else, because I don’t want to risk a knockoff. I could even throw in another sleeper and outfit.

Here are the photos of her and the outfits that came with her. I included the pacifier and blanket (which is an adult sized blanket…didn’t check the size when I bought it).


I think that is a fair price for her and you should be able to sell her on for that amount.


What all would I need to do to list her on there? I know there’s a $20 fee, but if it gets her sold, it’s worth the price.

Forgot to say Thank you @quiltsabunch! I appreciate the help!

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You just need to set up an account and put some pictures and describe her that’s it. You can make an account for free and list her on there if you want to send people there yourself from FB or IG. If you want customers to see her without directing them to your nursery yourself then you have to pay the $20. If you are going to have other babies to sell you might think about having a few of those ready at the same time to have them shown for the same $20 fee


I would suggest spraying and smoothing her hair down for your listing photos. I use a 50/50 mix of water and Johnson’s no more tangles detangling spray in a cheap misting bottle I bought at Walmart to dampen the hair and then use an unused toothbrush to gently brush the hair in the direction that it’s been rooted.

Good luck with her sale.