Irelyn Challengers PLEASE READ:

We have some early finishers who are posting their babies. Please hold off until next week as I will be attempting to set up a way to collect all the pictures and post them for judging. I know you want to share your pictures, but I would like us to have a way to look at them altogether. If you want to post pix as you go, put them in as WIPs.Remember, the deadline for submissions is May 15th so some people (Like me!) are just starting their Irelyns. Be forewarned, the pictures I get from you will not be posted until May 16th at the earliest. I will update you early next week on how we are going to go about this. Thanks for your patience peeps.


I, for one, do not really care so much to see WIP as I do the final product. So for me I won’t be posting WIP. I don’t think it necessary.

It’s not any kind of requirement to post WIP’s. It’s just that lost of people like to do that and they are fun to see.