Irelyn challenge kit color!

Just curious, those of us that ordered the kit from BB is your body parts very light? I can honestly say mine is pretty much close to white not peach or pink. I am thinking this is going to be a challenge to get the right skin tones? But then this is a “challenge” isn’t it. :smile::smile::smile:

My parts were really more whiteish than pink. I didn’t know that the limbs weren’t hers specifically. My limbs say Aubrey/Sophie & Lilly on them.

I’ve had mine for a long time. It’s the old peach color. I have done the very light vinyl and I love it. I find it easier to get a natural skin tone.

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Mine say the same. They are nice and chunky limbs. Don’t think I have had any like it before usually the ones I do have more petite limbs. I hope the color takes nice.

I am hoping I can get it right. Never have had a kit quite this color before.

Jeanhai. I am hoping I can get it right. Never have had a kit quite this color before. Just took it out of the box and was kind of surprised with the color.

My color is taking nicely. The rooting has been a dream. I’ve never had a kit root this easily. Maybe I’m getting better at it. Anyhow, I really like the limbs…just surprised me a little when I saw the other names on them.

I have vinyl in many different shades. It’s a challenge to get some of them up. Sweetpea has been very pale but luckily I’m making a very fair little blond boy out of him so it’s okay. I didn’t notice with Irelyn. I’m doing her pretty pale too. Each kit brings challenges. You can get the shade you want. Just take your time. There are weeks and weeks left before her “due date.”

I like the lighter vinyl too

Irelyn shares those limbs with the other kits.

I think too pink or peach is harder to work with than white. At least with white nothing is changing the color you want to put on.

Thanks everyone for your input. I am excited to see how this turns out since I have never had a kit this color before. Glad to hear that it seems easier to get the color to work. Glad that it roots easy was not sure how I was going to work the rooting since I am right handed and that naturally is the hand that I injured,we’ll see how it goes she may be a bald baby which I have never done.