Invitation to "Photovoice" research project on reborns

Hello, I’d like to introduce myself and invite the members of this forum to take part in a project I’ve organized which is intended to help reduce the stigma and negativity around reborns. I’m a student at Concordia University in Montreal studying reborns. I’ve found this hobby fascinating ever since I first discovered it in 2016. Having joined many Facebook groups and gone to the ROSE doll show for the past 2 years (and having made some reborns) I believe now more than ever that there is an incredibly powerful therapeutic aspect to these dolls and the negativity directed toward reborn enthusiasts is not only unfounded but detrimental to the growth of this harmless, fun, creative hobby.

SO I am inviting folks from the reborn community to participate (anonymously or not, your choice) in a “photovoice” project. Through a survey platform (SurveyMonkey) I’m collecting images and text - stories about your life with reborns. These stories and images will not sensationalize the hobby like some of the documentaries about reborns. I’m interested in learning about and sharing authentic experiences with reborns from YOUR perspective. I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn about and participate in this community, I would never share anything or take images from a private group, which is another reason why I’m inviting photo submission through the photovoice project. I will use the text and images submitted to support my research.

There’s a long consent form at the start because everything I do has to pass my university ethics board approval. I hope you all don’t mind that I post this invitation here and please let me know if you have any questions. Here’s the link:

I hope you’ll consider participating! Deadline is Aug 26th.

Emilie St.Hilaire


May I ask what a photovoice project is?
Where will it be published?


Hi deedee2413,
Photovoice is the name of the kind of project where images are solicited to share the “voice” of a group. The images submitted would be used as part of my doctoral dissertation which will be publicly available through Concordia’s library and some images may be shown in an art gallery setting as part of the dissemination of the research. There are further details available on the submission page but I welcome questions here too, so thanks for asking!

Also I can be contacted at
Further, my research blog is:

I’m working on a post right now in which I’ll share some results of a survey conducted at the Rose show very soon, really excited to share those insights.


Sounds really cool!

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Is there an incentive to participate?

Hi Theara,
As described in the consent form potential benefits to participation in this research project include having an opportunity to share your thoughts and opinions about reborn babies. Your opinion about reborns will be highly valued and you may enjoy taking photographs for this project. If you are a reborn artist identified as part of the project you may benefit from the exposure of your work.

There is no compensation though, it’s voluntary.


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