Introducing Realborn Trent Asleep, First Prototype by Jacqueline Kramer

Good evening,

We are pleased to present our newest prototype, Realborn Trent Asleep. Our first prototype couldn’t be cuter! He was masterfully reborn by Jacqueline Kramer. You can find his auction on eBay now: Reborn Doll* Realborn Trent by Bountiful Baby Prototype* Jacqueline Kramer | eBay

You can also sign up for his release here: Realborn® Trent Sleeping (20" Reborn Doll Kit) - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC)
Realborn Trent has the most perfect features. His squishy lips and wrinkly knees will melt your heart!

Be sure to check out our video of the real baby as well. Real Trent is as sweet as can be! Realborn® Trent - Incredible real baby footage - YouTube

Bountiful Baby


Oh that little stretched out leg! :heart: He’s gorgeous!!


He’s so cute :heart_eyes:

Might be one of my favorites, but since they don’t do limited editions, I am in no hurry.


I like him too…and you are right…no hurry.
.will wait to order


That is such a cute baby!

He’s really cute. I love Jackie’s reborning style.

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Very sweet little one. He is on my list of wants but will wait and see if the kit is okay. :footprints: :baby:

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He’s SO CUTE but I’m going to hold off until I see a prototype with painted hair. I’m wondering if he will look best rooted since he has one side of his head that is a bit longer and painting might accentuate that.

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What ever happened to this one? Is he still going to be produced? I was looking forward to him :confused:


Looking at his blank kit pics’ flanges… I think he was the crappy factory. Hopefully he is one that gets remolded at the good one.


Yes, I also really hope they’re still planning to release him in vinyl. We’ve been waiting ages and he’s too cute not to paint!!