Introducing Realborn® Sleepy Sunny and Good Morning Sunny!

Good afternoon,

We have 2 amazing new Realborns to share with you! Sleepy Sunny and Good Morning Sunny, both at the 6 month age, are coming soon! Our first prototypes of Sunny were both reborn by the talented artist, Samantha Rose-Harker.

Good Morning Sunny eBay Auction:

Sleepy Sunny eBay Auction:

Both of these beautiful babies are also featured on our home page at:

Sunny’s Realborns will be available on our website soon! You can find the links to sign up for her releases here: Sleepy Sunny: and Good Morning Sunny: Sunny is about 23.5 inches long when completed. Her asleep version has the most peaceful, adorable expression, and her awake version has the most stunning eyes!

You can see the cutest video footage of real Sunny here: You can also see more photos of the real baby here:


Bountiful Baby


Super cute! I love how the awake and sleeping versions have different arms.:heart:


I like that, too.


Me too! They are cute!

They are just too precious! :heart: Definitely need both.

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I didn’t realize that! You could make twins!

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Love them!

I love both of these babies so much, and Samantha did an absolutely amazing job on both the prototypes. I can’t believe her good morning Sunny auction is still under $400 with only a couple days left! I hope she gets a price reflective of her work before it ends. These 2 are definitely on my ever growing must get list.


Wow, they are gorgeous! One of the most realistic reborns I’ve ever seen
Love them!

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Sad, they out of stock

They haven’t been released yet.


I wish the asleep one had open hands :wink: lol

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