Introducing Realborn® June Awake, on eBay now!

Good Evening!

We are happy to introduce our newest Realborn, June Awake! June is the daughter of Ann Dee, event coordinator for the ROSE International Doll Expo. Here is a link to see photos of the darling real baby: We are excited to see her cuteness captured forever in her Realborn!

Our first ever June Awake prototype is now on eBay! She was reborn so beautifully by Marie Gambus. Marie did a great job of capturing her sweet little personality! You can see all of Marie’s photos on her eBay auction: Her auction is also featured on our home page now at:

June Awake’s kit will be arriving this fall! To sign up to be notified of her release, here is a link to her item: Realborn® June Awake (19" Reborn Doll Kit) - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC). Her Realborn is approximately 19 inches long when completed and comes with full limbs. She has such a sweet expression, she is sure to be a favorite!

Bountiful Baby


Oh she is absolutely beautiful and this kit is a must have!

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I need her too. She has such a sweet little face.

The most natural looking open eyed kit yet!!

I LOVE her!! Her kit is my very favorite!! TY!! :heart_eyes:

I love her @AnnDee66 !

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She’s my kit match for my grandson Achilles :heart_eyes:


Can’t wait i already have customers wanting her

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Yep, smitten, totally in LOVE!

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I Also HAVE to have this kit!

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Finally, a Realborn with WELL DONE OPEN EYES!! She is adorable, definitely a must have!!

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Thanks I do too!

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