Introducing Realborn® Isabelle! PLUS a new Royan prototype on eBay!

Good evening,

We have 2 darling new prototypes to share with you!

First, we have our first ever Realborn® Isabelle Asleep prototype, reborn by Cynthia Nance. Isabelle is an incredible new upcoming Realborn®! Her kit is about 19 inches long when completed. She has such squishy, adorable lips and the most darling open hands! Cynthia’s prototype is also incredible. You can find her prototype auction here:

Realborn® Isabelle will be available on our website soon! You can find the link to sign up for her release here:

We also have an amazing new Realborn® Royan prototype on eBay! He was perfectly reborn by Laura Cosentino. You can find his prototype auction here: Laura has done an outstanding job with him, he looks so much like real Royan! You can sign up to be notified of Royan’s release here:

Both of these beautiful babies are also featured on our home page at:

Bountiful Baby


Such little cuties! :two_hearts:

Will the vinyl be ok? I wont order any new sculpts if the vinyl is sub par…


I hear ya, I’m not until I know for sure that’s all in the past

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The new kits suck…I dont want to buy any more unless they are the old vinyl…


I agree, not wasting my time or money just to end up with problems