Introducing Realborn® Blake! Awake and Asleep on eBay!

Introducing Realborn® Blake!

Blake is our first Realborn® that is able to take an unmodified pacifier or bottle! We are so excited to share his first prototypes with you! Incredibly talented artist, Samantha Rose-Harker, has beautifully reborn both Blake Awake and Blake Asleep. Both of her prototypes are featured on our home page now at:

Realborn® Blake is about 18 inches long when completed. He has such a sweet, newborn look to him, and he poses so adorably! You can find the links to sign up for his release below.

Blake Awake: ^*Realborn® Blake Awake (18-19" Reborn Doll Kit) - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC)
Blake Asleep: ^*Realborn® Blake Sleeping (18-19" Reborn Doll Kit) - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC)

We also have the cutest video footage of real baby Blake, found here: Realborn® Blake - Incredible Real Baby Footage - YouTube Blake was such an alert baby!

Bountiful Baby


A deep mouth to challenge artists with! This one looks hungry!


Hmmm :thinking:

I love them!

OooOooh! I’m excited to see more prototype versions of them both! I think sleeping Blake will be popular like Twin A, it seems like people like babies that can take whole pacis!

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Oh! I sure was hoping that we would eventually get a realborn that takes a full paci/bottle. Special thanks to Blake for making that incredibly cute face during the scanning session lol💗 Definitely a must have for me.