Introducing Realborn® 7 Month June! Both Awake & Asleep June on eBay now!

We have an exciting new Realborn coming soon!

Realborn June has been captured again at the adorable age of 7 months old! June has changed quite a bit since her newborn Realborn. 7 Month June is slightly bigger than 3 Month Joseph and takes the same belly plates as Joseph (yes, Joseph was huge for his age!). June was quite a chunky girl herself! Many of you had the chance to meet real June at the ROSE Doll Expo. She is the daughter of Ann, event coordinator for ROSE. You can see photos of the real June at 7 months old here:

We have our first ever 7 Month June prototypes on eBay now! First we have an incredible awake June, reborn by Marie Gambus. You can find her auction here: Marie has captured June so well! You will find yourself wanting to hold this joyful little girl as you scroll through her photos, she is perfection!

We also have our first ever 7 Month June Asleep prototype on eBay now. She was reborn by the talented artist, Linda Hill. You can find her auction here: Reborn Dolls Playsets for Sale - New & Used Lifelike Dolls - eBay. Linda’s photos will blow you away, you won’t believe she’s not real!

Both sweet babies are also featured on our home page at:

Both her Awake and Asleep Realborn kits are coming soon! The links to sign up to be notified of her release can be found in her item descriptions, 7 Month June Awake: Realborn® 7 Month June Awake (25" Reborn Doll Kit) - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC), and 7 Month June Asleep: Realborn® 7 Month June Sleeping (25" Reborn Doll Kit) - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC).

Have a wonderful day!

Bountiful Baby


I’m getting both!! I love June!! My favorite!! :hugs::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@DollyPardon I cannot WAIT to see you paint one of these! I love your 3-mo Josephs!


Awww… the real June awake photos are so adorable! Precious!

Wow, thank you, @mdurant1. I’m loving these big babies and definitely looking forward to painting her. :blush:


They both are gorgeous :heart:

The awake version is too cute for words.

Ok I need to know WHEN is Sleeping June coming out because I CANNOT WAIT!


What size clothing should we get for June? I want to start shopping lol.

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@katieperry she is 25 inches and Marie Metayer said 6-9 month clothes I think. Also the out of stock list says March for release date

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Thank you! I couldn’t remember what size clothing bought for Joseph

Cant wait getting both

When June was 7 months she was wearing 12 month old clothing. Some 9 month old clothes fit her but they were pretty tight because she had lots of rolls on her arms and thighs.