Introducing Noah Awake - my first purchased reborn!

She’s finally here! This is my Noah awake (Reva Schick) painted by Wanda Monroe of Bushel and a Peck Dolls. She’s absolutely beautiful! I tried doing a box opening video, but somehow, I ended up with no sound.:cry: But here are a few photos, including some that show off her amazing detail.


Beautiful!! Love those eyes and brows!!

She is gorgeous

Beautiful. Enjoy her.

I have a Noah awake girl from Wanda. She was a prototype. Her work is worth waiting for.

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Beautiful Noah :slight_smile:

One of my favorite sculpts. Is that human hair?

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No, it’s mohair.

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I agree. I’m taking mental notes on things so maybe I can improve my work when I have time to reborn again.

Oh wow!!!

she is just beautiful love her

Precious! :slight_smile:

Beautiful baby!! Gorgeous rooting :heart_eyes: Congratulations on your first reborn :grinning:

She is beautiful!

Adorable! Look at that hair!! :blush:

We’re taking a trip to visit family this weekend. I think I’ll take her along to play with!

So pretty!

So cute! I really like the hair especially! :slight_smile: