Introducing Leilani Yawning, Our First Yawning Realborn®!

Our first ever yawning Realborn® is coming soon!

We are excited to introduce our newest Realborn®, Leilani Yawning! Our first Leilani Yawning prototype is on eBay now. She was lovingly reborn by Shirley Jones. Shirley’s painting is breathtakingly perfect! Leilani looks so cuddly, ready to be rocked to sleep by her new mommy! You can bid on this sweet girl here:

Leilani Yawning’s Realborn kit is currently expected sometime in June. You can find the link to sign up for her release here: Realborn® Leilani Yawning (18" Reborn Doll Kit) - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC).

Leilani’s Auction is also featured on our home page at:

Have a wonderful day!

Bountiful Baby


So cute!

A must have!

Well isn’t this just the sweetest most adorable sculpt, how fun this baby will be to paint!


Another must have!!! I just LOVE the new Realborns that are coming out. This one is sooooo adorable. Cant wait for its release :smiley::smiley:

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Love her! Shes awesome! Will a paci (or modified paci) fit in her mouth?

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Oh my god how cute

:two_hearts:Love this baby!

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In one of the prototype photos it shows her with a paci, not sure what size though.

No way… omg
This would make an amazing birthday present. ::hint hint::

I would assume 18 inches like Leilani Awake so tempting to make Twins!

According to the eBay auction she takes a full paci! I love her, I just can’t get over that arm lol


I am excited to get this kit!

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All the nice kits coming out and now the prices are going back to $59.99 :sob::sob::sob::sob:

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Love this one!:heart_eyes:

I think a full one fits, but not sure if it stays in?