Introducing Jasmine, Limited Edition Kit of the Year for ROSE 2019

Good Afternoon!

We are pleased to announce the kit of the year for ROSE 2019! Jasmine was sculpted and donated to ROSE by the talented Wendy Dickison. Her kit will be available at ROSE and will be limited edition. We are really excited about her! Jasmine has such a sweet, newborn look. Wendy has done an incredible job with sculpting her!

Wendy has also reborn and donated a beautiful Jasmine prototype to be given away at the front desk at the 2019 ROSE Expo. You can view her giveaway baby here: 2019 ROSE Kit of the Year! - Jasmine, by Wendy Dickison - YouTube. Be sure to come to ROSE for your chance to win!

We also have a stunning Jasmine prototype on eBay now! She was reborn so perfectly by Marie Gambus. You can view her auction and bid on this sweet girl here: Her auction is also featured on our home page at:


Bountiful Baby


Love her! Can’t wait to get one (or two)!



I love this beautiful kit! I will be buying it for sure.

what size body does she need