Introducing "Happy" and "Sleepy" 4 Month Sage!

New 4 Month Sage Prototypes on eBay!

We are pleased to introduce “Happy Sage” and “Sleepy Sage”, both in the 4 month size! Sage is the adorable little sister of Realborns Joseph, Darren, and Canon.

Our first prototypes of Happy Sage and Sleepy Sage are reborn by Samantha Rose-Harker. Sam has done a magnificent job! You can find Sleepy Sage’s auction here: You can also find Happy Sage’s auction here: Both new Sage prototypes are adorable!

These darling new prototypes are also featured on our website now at:

Sage’s sleepy little face will melt your heart and make you want to cuddle her, and her happy smile is sure to bring a smile to everyone who sees her! We also have a “Playful Sage” and “Grumpy Sage” coming soon. You can find all versions of Sage here: Search: 3 results found for "sage" - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC)*. You can find a link to be notified of their releases in their item descriptions.

Real Sage made so many expressions during both her photo shoot and scanning session. We are in love with every version of her, she is so much like the real baby! To see more of real baby Sage, here is a link to view video footage from her photography session: Realborn® Sage - 4 Month Real Baby Footage - YouTube. Sage is such a bundle of personality! Real Sage also absolutely adores the Realborns of herself! She got the chance to hug the prototypes of herself, and she didn’t want to put “baby Sage” down. It was the cutest thing!

Have a great evening!
Bountiful Baby


So precious! I’m going to need one of each. :two_hearts::rofl: That little smile is just too sweet.

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Awwww I would have lived to see a video of that! How precious :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. For them it’s probably normal and they anticipate thier baby selves lol


How old is Sage now?


Ohw how sweet they both look , that sweet smiling face :heart_eyes:

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Sage is currently 17 months old. :slight_smile: Dolls are her favorite thing in the world! She always says “Doll!” whenever she sees one, even if it’s just a photo on my computer. She points to my screen and wants to get on my lap to get a better look. <3



Oh… that is so sweet! One of the most precious times in a child’s life! Thanks for sharing.


both are adorable!