Introducing Grumpa Bubba! Prototype by Samantha Rose-Harker

The cutest chubby baby is coming soon!

Introducing Grumpa Bubba! This darling baby was sculpted by Donna RuBert. She is about 28 inches long when completed and has the cutest chubby thighs!

Our first Grumpa Bubba prototype was reborn by Samantha Rose-Harker. Sam’s prototype is as adorable as can be! You can view her eBay auction here: Her auction is also featured on our home page now at:

Be sure to sign up for Grumpa Bubba’s release. This little girl will be so fun to reborn! You can find the link to sign up for her release here: *Grumpa Bubba, by Donna RuBert (28" Reborn Doll Kit) - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC).

We hope you have a great evening!

Bountiful Baby


So dang chunky!! :heart: Definitely need this one.

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It’s not, but this looks like Cuddles’ head with Juan limbs to me. Super cute little chubba.


Such a cute chunk. She looks like my sister when she was little.

What a chunky monkey! Looks like Spice grown up and awake.

She’s so adorable!! I am so happy to see more from my favorite sculptor!! Can’t wait to buy her

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Her chubby cheeks are so cute!

i like her better without all the hair!


I am so happy to see a new Donna RuBert! I love this baby! She is so huge and precious! Donna does a wonderful job sculpting her babies.

My first thoughts were she looks like a fatter and older version of Cuddles.


Aren’t those Juan limbs? They look extremely similar.

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I think they might be, many kits share limbs. These are perfect with this head.

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Those are Juan limbs. I have made 2 Juans and these sure look like them. don’t care for this baby at all.The prototype isn’t doing well on ebay around $200 and it is wigged, don’t think this will do well looks like combo of Juan and cuddles with fatter cheeks. :footprints: :baby: JMO


I agree. I love Donna Rubert, but this baby isn’t cute. I’d be interested to see if some of the artists here paint her, whether she might actually have that potential.

Oh, I think she definitely has potential.

I think she has potential, and on its product page on bountiful baby it shows the baby without the wig and it’s so much better.


I dont know if anyone can save this kit from it’s own “dolly-ness”

If the prototype cant even break $500 I dont think it will be a good seller for regular artists

edited to say

I just now noticed she has 3 days left…she will probably meet that $500 mark :grin:


Well this one looks WAY better than the prototype with the wig. In fact, I thought the whole doll looked horribly play dolly looking.


I think this one’s cute. It looks more like a baby. The prototype has 38 bids with 5 days to go. I think she’ll do all right but the bidding must have started really low.