Introducing Flossie, first prototype by Samantha Rose-Harker!

Good evening,

We are pleased to share our newest upcoming kit, Flossie! Flossie was sculpted by Donna RuBert. She has the curliest legs we have produced yet! Check out her adorable photos: Flossie - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC). You can also find the link to sign up for her release here: *Flossie, by Donna RuBert (16" Reborn Doll Kit) - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC).

Our first Flossie prototype is on eBay now! She was brought to life by the talented artist Samantha Rose-Harker. Her auction can be found here: Hurry, though, because her auction ends this friday!

Her auction is also featured on our home page at:

Bountiful Baby


Will there be sculpted kits with full limbs? And limited edition kits? :green_heart:

Can it wear pants?

She looks very difficult to pull on pants, etc.

Not even a chance! Lol. She’s pretty cute and I’m all for curled up babies but i kinda want to at least put sone type of pants on them.


That’s a hard nope for me. Ridiculous if you cant put pants on them… lol


Not fond of the fused look either. But for those wanting a posed look like that it works. I see that one has a onesie under the dress.

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A definite NOPE, don’t like the legs and she’s a bit too dolly looking. Cute, if that’s what you like though.

Something about her reminds me of myself as a baby.


I actually loved the curled legs. My youngest son kept his legs curled up like that most of the time. There are no kits available with the tightly curled legs. So I am glad to see those little legs. I don’t even mind that she can’t wear pants.


Your son is precious!

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Thank you. Here he is with his face showing.


He’s adorable! How early was he?

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Thank you. He was 5 weeks early. So not too bad. He stayed 7 days in nicu. He was 4 pounds 15 ounces.


My youngest was 8 weeks early and weighed 4.10 lbs and also stayed one week. He came home on valentines day, so I’ve always called him my love baby :joy:

That’s a big baby for 8 weeks early. :exploding_head:

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Yes he was! He was in NICU for 5 days, then they sent him to newborn nursery for two days. He was only 16" and he looked like a little peanut next to those chubby newborns!


There was a huge, full term, 11 pound baby in the NICU a couple of beds over from Caedmon. That baby looked like a giant compared to all the preemies. :rofl:


What a precious little peanut. I can’t get over how cute his forehead wrinkles are.

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Thank you :blush: