Introducing Beautifully Factory Painted Fawna kits! Special Prototype on eBay Now!

Good Evening!

In addition to Fawna kits for reborning, we will have beautifully factory painted Fawna kits in the very near future! We are expecting her as early as next week, we can hardly wait! You can sign up to be notified of her release here: Fawna is an incredibly cute fawn sculpt, sculpted by Cindy Musgrove. She is about 16 inches long when completed and has full limbs. We just love her!

We have a very special prepainted Fawna prototype on eBay now. This prototype comes with a certificate hand signed by Cindy Musgrove. She also comes with the most adorable dress and headband, handmade by Cindy. She has the cutest cloth diaper as well. You will fall in love with this cuddly deer fawn baby! You can find her auction here: Reborn Dolls Playsets for Sale - New & Used Lifelike Dolls - eBay.

Our unpainted Fawna kits are also coming very soon! You can find her here:

Sending Love,

Bountiful Baby


Oh man BB…

I love you guys, you are my go to reborn supply company but factory painted? The whole point of this reborn thing is hand of the artists. I am bummed about this.

I know you know what you are doing, you are the pro’s but this breaks my artist heart a little.


Looks like they will have an unpainted version to

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Agreed. Prepainted just makes it easy for people to get a cheap reborn rather than pay an artist.

Please don’t under cut the artists BB!!!


Haven’t they done factory painted kits before? I feel like this isn’t a new thing, but I may be misremembering.


They have! It’s not a new thing. They do them with ALL the animal kits, and I don’t think it’s hurt any artists before.

If I recall correctly, all the monkey and piglet kits are available prepainted. Plus they used to sell prepainted Kimi kits, but those never caught on.

(Edit: and the pug kits! I forgot.)


Sorry to double-post, but I did some research, and here’s some more info:

Scroll to the bottom-- it’s not a new thing at all! One might argue that it’s an OLD thing-- in the beginning, kits didn’t exist. Reborning was mostly done by enhancing factory paint. I think this is a callback to that!

Plus, some people buy unpainted kits and weight them to use them as therapy babies. This doesn’t seem any different, as long as no one advertises them as reborns.

@Gabriell and @taylorsgirl, I absolutely understand why you’re made nervous by this-- please don’t feel like I’m undermining your point by providing this information. I just want you to know that it’s not a change in the industry-- in fact, it’s an older part of it. Hopefully that makes you feel better and a little more secure!


@teacupbears as my Son-in-law says, “Truth.”

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I know. I’ve been around since Wal-Mart dolls and sand.

I still don’t like the Prepainted kits. Lol


Totally understandable! That’s definitely a valid opinion to have. :blush:

I just wanted to make sure that newer members knew how functionally harmless these kits have been, historically. (Especially after the recent outrage over the Kinby dolls, whose recent release wasn’t nearly as apocalyptic as people had feared it would be.)


No worries, I know they have done others, I just think it kinda bites a little. Just saying what I am feeling…not a great big deal or deal breaker for me.


I’m sure some will like these, but my own vision for the kit is very different from this one. I’ll definitely get the unpainted one.

Monkeys, and pigs can come pre-painted. I got my daughter a pre-painted/rooted monkey, because I didn’t want to deal with it, and she wanted a monkey at the time.

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I remember when they had all the prepainted ‘Blaze’ dolls-----ugliest dolls ever----never liked them!

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