Introducing 3 Month Joseph Awake! First prototype on eBay now, reborn by Marie Gambus

Introducing 3 Month Joseph Awake!

Our much requested 3 Month Joseph Awake is coming soon! We are excited to share his first ever prototype with you. This prototype was reborn by Marie Gambus. You can bid to make him yours here: His auction is also featured on our home page at:

I absolutely love Marie’s prototype, she has captured him so well! The real Joseph (who is now age 4) completely adores this prototype as well. You should have seen his excitement as I showed him the photos! He kept saying, “What a cute chubby Joseph!” with such enthusiasm!

The real Joseph is the grandson of Nevin and Denise Pratt, as well as my son. I am so thrilled that his awake Realborn will be available soon! You can find his new, awake 3 month Realborn here: Realborn® 3 Month Joseph™ Awake (23" Reborn Doll Kit) - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC). Also, he will have a new belly and back torso available soon as well! Here is a link to his new torso: Realborn® 3-6 Month Chubby Belly/Back TORSO for 23-26" Dolls- #3599 - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC).


Jessica (real Joseph’s mommy)
Bountiful Baby


So excited for this one! :blue_heart:

Well done, he’s a cutie. As much as I want a prototype, I ain’t even gonna even try to bid for this one lol.

Who could NOT love him?!? So adorable

The sleeping one didn’t appeal to me, but this one, with eyes open, is a sweetheart! :slight_smile:

I was on the fence about the sleeping one but the open eyed one has caught my heart! I like the mouth/lips shape on this one much more and the expression over all. I think I just might have to get one!

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I wasn’t into the closed eyes version, but he’s so adorable. I can’t wait to get him!