Internet Crime Complaint Center

Has anyone who has had a buyer receive a doll and then cancel payment through PayPal, or someone where else, in order for them to keep the doll and get their money back in a scam, used this crime complaint center. I didn’t know it existed until today when I was reading through some of eBay’s policies on buyers that won’t pay. Does this really work?


I don’t know but it seems like it might be worth a shot.

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It may good info to have if needed. Never knew it existed before today.

Looks like good info ~ we need all the help we can get; thanks for sharing this


It would be nice if it worked but I would say probably not so much. If it did, we’d hear more about, I’d think. :confused:

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Maybe. Maybe not. None of us knew about it. Perhaps other people don’t, either. I wrote down the information in case I should ever need it.

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It’s always worth a try. :slight_smile: