Interest Check for Canadian Traveling Pants Box

@ashleyfox98 has been kind enough to send me her information on how she runs the Traveling Pants Box so we can (hopefully) get a Canadian version going. I would like to start the box at the time I go for surgery as I will have lots of recovery time to keep track the box and manage any problems that may arise - I do not have an exact date for surgery yet (will be hearing back very soon) but it should be in September-October. The rules are below - if you have any suggestions, please do mention them, and I will hopefully get to open the signups when I know my surgery date. :slight_smile:

What is the Traveling Pants Box?
The Traveling Pants Box (TPB?) is a box full of reborning supplies that will travel from person to person. You can take whatever you like from the box, as long as you replace it with new reborning items of the same value! This can include kits, brushes, paints, clothing, mohair, tools, diapers, pacifiers, bottles, etc. TPB is a great way to get new reborning items and rid yourself of some of the supplies you just aren’t using. The box was started some time ago, but this is the first Canadian version. Since the box travels all around Canada, you may have a chance to try out some brands that aren’t available in your area!

When sign ups are completed, I will order the names on the list so that each person ships to the most geographically close member possible. You will be responsible for the cost of shipping the box to the next person on the list.

How does the box work?
When you receive the box, you will open it up and see each available item in an individual baggie, labelled with a price value. Take out whatever you want to keep! Now, add in your own items that equal or exceed the price value of the items you took out of the box – this does not have to be the same number of items you took out, just the same total price value. Please ensure each item you add is packaged in its’ own baggie and labelled with a price. You will also need to number the items you add – I will give you these numbers.

PM me when you unpack the box to tell me what items you have taken out (include the item number!) and what items you have added. Please include values of the items you have added. I will give you a number for each of these items, please write these numbers on their bags. I will also PM you the address of the next person on the list.

Within 3 days of receiving the box, please ship it to the address you were given. You must also add tracking to the box and PM me the number on the same day as you ship.

To recap - you will remove your chosen items from the box, replace them with an item(s) of equal total value, PM me to tell me what you took out and added, receive a PM from me giving you numbers for each of your items and the address of the next recipient, write the numbers on your items and add them to the box, ship the box to the next recipient, and PM me the tracking number.

What can go in the box? What can’t?
Anything related to reborning can go into the box, EXCEPT:

  1. Ruby Red mohair – other brands of mohair are fine!
  2. Used items (except clothing in like-new condition with NO wash wear, stains, damage etc.)
  3. Clothing or diapers sized 6 months or larger
  4. Kits or limbs that need stripping
  5. Glass beads and other weighting material

Handmade items, test parts, baby photography props, anything else you would use for reborning is welcome!

I will start the box off with one kit inside (amongst many other items, of course). If you wish to take a kit out of the box, you MUST replace it with another kit. You can use a cheaper kit and make up the value with other items, but if a kit comes out, a kit must go in. You are absolutely welcome to add a kit without taking one out, of course!

Please try to keep in the spirit of the box and ensure there is a mix of exciting items in the box at all times – a box full of just clothing, makeup sponges, and q-tips isn’t what we want to see people receiving. Add in items that you would be excited to receive.

In order to sign up for the box, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must live in Canada!
  2. Your account must be at least one year old OR you must provide at least 3 references that you have traded with or sold something to successfully who would be willing to vouch for your trustworthiness. If your name appears as a problematic person in any Facebook scammer groups, bad trade posts, etc you may be refused the opportunity to participate.
  3. You must be willing to pay standard shipping of the box to the next person on the list.
  4. You must not be expecting to travel or have a period so busy you would not be able to reach a post office within the next 4 months (after the surgery date). If an emergency comes up and you will not be available during a certain time period, I will rearrange the list, don’t worry!

I’m so excited for y’all! Your going to enjoy it if everyone does it right.

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I would like to, but I’m not sure if I can just yet. I will let you know though :slight_smile:

I’m so excited for you guys! :slight_smile: Happy boxing!

I want in! Just not sure who to get to vouch for me. I’m not sure if I’ve bought anything on this forum.

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I think I’d be interested in trying it out for one round anyway, but I haven’t been a member for more than a year and I haven’t bought or traded with anybody that could vouch for me.

After thinking it over, I should be able to make it work, so count me in :slight_smile:

I think it’s worth giving it a go even if you have 5


I just wasn’t sure if I would have the money to ship the box, when the time came. But that shouldn’t be an issue because I’ve cleared some stuff up to make sure I can

Maybe we would need to allow newbies to make the box work … but does anyone have ideas on how to ensure all parties are A - honest and trustworthy, and B - committed enough to still be active members when the box reaches them?

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I’ve bought from Rockabye Baby Nursery (Wendy Starke)…not sure if she’s on this forum. I’ve also bought from A Plus Mohair

This sounds so fun! I have to check but I probably won’t be able to participate. I am saving money for a new doll and all my money is going towards her. Is this a one time thing?

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Count me in

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I’ve bought from BusyBeeNursery and katinafleming


Alrighty - I am spending some time and cash to get box contents together and will let you folks know when I have a box!! If everyone is comfortable with it, I think we WILL allow newbies as long as they are willing to verify their identity with me via giving me their full name and verified address & phone number - understanding that I will file a police report with their local police if the box is not sent along.


Yay! Sounds good! I have some stuff ready to go already set aside for it lol


I am so excited for you guys!

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Yay -I m so excited for y’all !! :walking_man:t2:Traveling pants has become an international traveler :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yaah, I want to play :slight_smile:

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I’d love to play too