Insecurity attack

I’m having a serious bout of insecurity. I’m working on my Angel kit for the prototype contest. I’ve wanted to do this for ages. I’m being super meticulous and she’s coming out exactly as I envisioned her. But I have an intense feeling of ‘Is she good enough?’ What is up with that? Is it just that I know this one will be seriously judged? I’m not usually this nervous about my dolls.


She’ll be wonderful and you’ll do just fine, you’re placing a lot of pressure on yourself which is leading to feelings of insecurity. Kind of what happens when people try to be perfect. No one can but that doesn’t mean the results won’t be wonderful! Take a deep breath and remind yourself why you enjoy this and have faith that you can correct any opps should one occur and allow yourself to enjoy the process. It’s hard to get a creative flow going with so much pressure. Relax if you can. You’ll do great! I believe in you!


She’ll be great Jean…Don’t think about it…Just do what is in your heart and in your minds eye…The rest will work itself out…I am a firm believer that what is inside us comes out in our work…so just relax and enjoy what you are doing…If you stress it will show…
Can’t wait to see your entry :smile:


@jeanhai , you make beautiful babies and Angel will be no different. She’ll be fantastic, just you wait and see xx


I have to agree with @Semantics and @westernstarr. They said it well. I can’t think of a thing to add but I know you will do wonderful.

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You are such an amazing artist! I know you’re doing great!! :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:

Don’t worry. Just do the best you can. YOU GOT THIS!!!

I KNOW she is amazing!!! Go get em! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

Whenever you’re painting something to be judged that feeling arises, at least for me. Its hard to shake, but the best thing you can do is just try to clear your mind and focus on your vision of the doll. Forget that it’s for a prototype contest, just paint and try to enjoy the moment :slight_smile: the less pressure the better!

Thank you all for your support. It means a lot.


I can’t wait to see her Jean!!!

Don’t worry Jean, she will come out just like you envision her!!!

I hope so, because then if she doesn’t win I’ll have to keep her. Oh, darn.


Jean, your babies are lovely. I’m sure she is competition worthy. I can’t stand for my work to be under scrutiny either, so I know what you are feeling. But I promise you, you can just put those feelings away. You are good enough. Your baby is good enough. If you win, you win. If you don’t win you don’t lose either because you have a lovely baby that came out just as you envisioned her.


Thanks for the vote of confidence, Helen.

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Chill!!! Take a chill pill and realize that this is super awesome for ya. You’re getting to do a kit you’ve waited a long time to do, I assume. Just keep trucking. She will be better than “good enough”