In need of hep matching

If only you had a smart phone :slight_smile:
Or do you?
If you do you can take a photo of the picture then upload it here.

No smart phone, Old Age, remember?

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I have a dumb phone, too. lol Is your computer a desktop, laptop or tablet?

She is so pretty :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts:

I have a PC I like it better than Laptop. When my PC gets old I will be buying another.

Thanks everyone for your very nice replies. I hate to be a pain but I found these big headed babies can you tell me if anyone would be good for this baby

Indra-Awake-by-Reva-Schick-1001 Olivia-by-Ann-Timmerman-1001

I have a 17" Laptop computer, I love it!

You could use any of them but I don’t care for any of them as a match for your baby. JMO

Lilliana by Emily Jameson has my vote!

I take pictures with my laptop. You probably can, too.

If you just want a big headed baby, I’d go with Archie or Harlow. If you want one that looks the most like your daughter, I’d go with Lilliana.

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OK you win I will order Lilliana Thanks everyone for all your help Maybe I can make a toddler of her I will have to look for a picture.

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