In Honor of Rose International Doll Show

The Story;

I was creating Rose to be a Memorial to my Mom (I will still make a Memorial baby in the future) and was making her to go along with the Rose Swap even though I wasn’t swapping. Well the baby had her own ideas. I made mistakes with her brows, and had issues with the 100% human hair that was not. But here she is my number 3. I am not taking critiques about her. She is going to my daughter who has fallen in love with her. I am only showing her because I made her in honor of the Rose International Doll Show. The rest of my babies will be shown in September which is when I am having kind of a Grand Opening of my business LaDaVa-Co. I will be having box openings, two from other artist which are pugs.

*Edited to say that **I never started my business. Too many horror stories and I am not confident enough yet.**10/12/17 I am on baby number 18.


I think she looks great! Rose makes a beautiful AA baby. I can see why your daughter loves her.


She is darling and purple is her color!


She’s lovely, I love her skintone. :slight_smile:

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Hugs to you. She is adorable.

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