Important ROSE update regarding Coronavirus COVID-19!

To our wonderful friends and family of ROSE,

In this time of uncertainty, we have been working diligently with the conference center, updating ourselves on the issues involving Coronavirus and have concluded that for the health and safety of our valued customers we have decided to cancel ROSE 2020. There is no way that we can determine at this point whether or not we will be allowed by the government to hold the show in June. President Trump has announced that we will likely be dealing with the virus until July or August.

After much thought and a few tears, we have decided it is not fair to everyone to assume, as we once thought, that this virus will die down in the summer months. Some experts on the subject are saying that they don’t think the weather will stop the virus. We want to give our valued ROSE family the opportunity to cancel and/or rebook plane tickets, and hotels, rather than pushing it to the end to see what happens. A cancelation at the last moment could be very disruptive to everyone. We are also concerned that with the virus most likely still being around to one extent or another that the foot traffic to the show may be too low for vendors to be able to do well.

Before making this decision we considered moving the show to a later date this year, but there is still no guarantee that we will be able to do so. There is a possibility that we will still be dealing with the virus and the conference center is very tight on space for the months further out in the year. The winter months are not a good time to hold a show in Utah. Out of concerns for our elderly show attendees who don’t handle cold well and the risks of the often treacherous driving conditions that many of our ROSE family would not be accustomed to, we concluded to move forward in the planning of the ROSE 2021 show.

If you choose to carry over any booth, table or night event tickets for 2021, you will be given a 10% discount/refund if you have not canceled those tickets by April 20th. If you need a full refund for any event tickets, showfloor tickets, booths or tables, let us know. For showfloor tickets or contest entries, we will either apply them directly to 2021 for you or refund in full upon request. Vendors who choose to carry their spaces over into 2021, will be among those who are able to choose their spaces first. As of now, we are planning on changing the map slightly to widen the isles so people can move more easily and freely throughout the showroom floor. This will also mean there will be a few less booths and tables for 2021. We recommend holding on to a spot as we believe the available spaces with fill very quickly with the slight reduction of available spaces. For anyone who wishes to be refunded for booth, table, and event ticket purchases, we will do our best to accommodate that as soon as possible.

Because there will be no 2020 show, if you have already canceled and did not get a full refund, we will be working on refunding the percentage you did not get back. We will need some time to process refunds, but feel free to contact us if you did not get your refund within 2 weeks.

To make arrangements for keeping your spot in a class in 2021 or getting a refund, please contact the teacher.

For refunds or rescheduling of flights, rental cars or air bnb’s etc. Please contact the companies in which you have purchased those services through.

For those of you who have heard about the Salt Lake earthquake, I would like to say we are all doing well. We experienced a 5.7 earthquake today, with many noticeable and a bit scary aftershocks up to 4.6. We had very minimal damage at BB, just a few small broken items and a little bit of ceiling tile repair is needed.

If you need information on hotel cancelations or rebooking information on hotels near the Davis Conference Center, you can contact the hotels. We are working on getting information from the hotels as soon as possible. With the earthquakes and aftershocks we are experiencing today, it may be difficult to get that information for a few days, but we will post more information as soon as we can.

On a happy note, during or near the time that ROSE 2020 was scheduled, we plan on coming up with some fun online videos/events for everyone to enjoy.

We are also very excited to announce ROSE 2021 on July 7th-10th. We will continue on with our fun Beach Babies theme for 2021.

We appreciate you all so very much and hope that you are all happy and well. We hope that you understand how difficult this decision was, this show means so much to us and we know you have all been looking forward to coming. Together we can all get through this and hopefully form stronger bonds of love and appreciation for each other as we navigate through these difficult times. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us @ We will likely be inundated with messages and it’s possible we may lose some services due to needed repairs in the city, but please rest assured that you are all very important to us and we will get to you as soon as we can. Also, the airport is temporarily closed for repairs to water lines, so souvenir shipping may be delayed. We greatly appreciate all of you who have and will continue to stand by us. We are very much looking forward to seeing you all again in 2021!

Much Love, Your friends at Bountiful Baby and ROSE


Thank you! :heart:

Looking forward to 2021!! If we want to keep our table and tickets for next year do we need to let you know? Or will it be assumed unless we request a refund?
So disappointed but trying to stay positive. I’m sure it was for the best and I’m sure it was such a difficult decision for you all to make :heart:


Can you tell us about the $145 deposit we were required to put down for the hotel that was a NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT? This cancellation isn’t anyone’s fault and unfortunately it’s very sad the show can’t go on, everyone was so looking forward to it. In light of all this, will we be refunded the hotel deposit and do we request that through BB or do we have to ask the hotel?

@lynn I saw on Facebook someone said they called the hotel and because of covid-19 they were giving the refund. They said you could see more about it on their website. I can’t verify because I didn’t have a room. Just passing along what I heard.


I spoke to the Hilton Garden Inn today. I did have a room reserved there. They are refunding the deposits. You just have to call the hotel. Have your confirmation number ready.


Of all the cancellations this makes me the saddest. Obviously it was necessary and I commend BB for doing it earlier rather than later. Maybe we can coordinate a virtual Rose. With virtual sales and classes and events!!! Haha that would take years of effort but a girl can dream!


Welcome back @jeepers I was thinking the same thing.

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I think the issues with international shipping may make a vitual doll show hard.



That is really nice of them to refund people 100% even the ones who canceled prior to all of this.