Im so excited!

I just bought 3 kits by Natali Blick and am so so so excited to get them!!! These are my first kits not from BB so I am a little nervous… I got Elise, Delia, and Alexa… I had never seen any of these and I just had to have them!!!

Awesome! cant wait to see them all done! nothing like getting a kit youve really been wanting!

Aww new babies coming soon it sounds like !!!

I know that feeling I was so excited when I was to recieve the first BB package

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Yay I’m happy for you! I just ordered Elise too…my dream baby! And I’m working on alexa now, how funny I guess great minds think alike

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That really is funny!! do you have any pictures up yet?
I would love to see them

Yay she is Beautiful… I actually have my first order of Cher’s hair coming tomorrow!!! I am so excited to try it… I have not decided which baby I am going to root first Delilah or Precious gift … Or maybe Elise… I am still working on her but I believe I will be done painting before the mail man shows up tomorrow…I have not even started Alexa I am thinking of doing her Biracial hmmm sooooooo Many possiblilities
I would LOVE to see anyone elses Elise, Deliliah, or Alexas