I'm. Officially crazy

I’m new to reborning in total I’ve done 5 babies and I’ve taken the plunge and spent nearly £170 on a 3m joseph kit now I’m riddled with self doubt am I good enough to do him, what if I ruin him or what if no one wants him. 170 is a lot of money for me lol please tell. Me I’m not crazy haha

You won’t ruin him. Take your time and get each part the way you want it. There’s always help or advise here on the forum if needed. Have fun with it ! It’s supposed to be enjoyable, so enjoy.

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You can do what I did with an expensive kit. Paint the kit, but don’t root. Maybe paint some hair or put a wig on that isn’t glued down if you really don’t want him bald.
Then, if you gain more skills and feel you can do a better job, you can do touch ups or just strip it all and start over.

I’ve rooted all my babies bar one which has painted I quite like rooting x


Oh wow, you need to buy your kits from ukrebornkitsuk, it is run by Gill Wilkinson and she sold the last lot of Realborn Joseph’s 3 month for £56 so even if you add postage it low. She prices the kits dependant on how much they are when she orders them from BB but she does amazing deals. She has a sale on right now. This is the best place to get BB kits in the UK. Also she lets you know on fb when she is putting an order in so if you want a kit she will add it to the order for you. She also makes and sells bodies for amazing prices.

I’ve had a few ups and downs with them if I’m honest. 4 out of 5 orders were over a week late as they were put in the wrong pile on 4 separate occasions so it’s kind of out me off if I’m honest x

Oh not good. Unfortunately Gill has health problems like myself and it does affect what she can do day to day so you do need to be understanding of that. I have not had problems with her sounds like you got unlucky. I can totally understand you being put off, try iartreborn they have recently started to stock other kits than Cassie’s. They are not as cheap as Gills but still better priced than from the person you bought off. Look on eBay as well, there are a couple of UK based sellers on there that sell BB kits at good prices.

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