I'm new posted in wrong section I think ; }

Welcome! I am new here also. I have done like 7 now with the air dry kits and am anxiously awaiting my heat set paints. I look forward to learning with you.

no I am not nearly as good as anyone here so I keepthem to myself. I been doing christmas gifts. My co workers and family have seen mine and like them but they have not seen thise done by professionals

Welcome! This is a great place to get info and admire everyone’s beautiful babies! I can’t wait to see your Dakota!

I think Dakota would be a good one to start with. He doesn’t have as much fine detail as the other two do. You would be able to concentrate on skintone and not have to worry about all the little details in the hands and feet. Looking forward to seeing your babies and welcome aboard.

Welcome All you newbies !!! We are here if you need us and always willing to give advise and help !
Glad you are here!!!