I'm new here¡!

I’m new here these are my are my 10 soon to be 11 beautiful babies. Just introducing myself.


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome, I love your babies!

Hi, welcome :slight_smile: Beautiful little babies!!

Welcome to the forum.Lovely babies.

Welcome! They’re very cute!
Are those Siamese twins in the middle? I’ve never seen a doll like that before!

Yes they are. My friend Sara custom made them for me. Hayden Olivia and Peyton Elizabeth.

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Ive seen the conjoined twins in some fb reborn groups…forgot which ones though…lol i love them!!

Welcome to the forum, Amanda. So glad you’re here.

Welcome to the jungle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Be welcome!

Welcome aboard, you will Love it here !!! Nice bunch of babies


Welcome to the forum. You have some beautiful babies. :blush:

Welcome to the forum!

Hi there! I’m new to the forum too. Love your collection. Looking forward to getting to know you and everyone else here.

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Hiiiiii…welcome to the group!!! Im new as well, and have already learned so much from a lot of people here. I love your babies! :heart_eyes:

Welcome to you too! @TracyD


Welcome…,nice to have you here.

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