I'm just too excited!

My first non BB kit is on her way to me. Aster by Toby Morgan!! I cant wait to see her in person!! I also i have Owen and Harper waiting to be painted!! Eeeek… Babies everywhere… Lol


Love your excitement. It’s almost like giving birth, isn’t it.


Minus the pain :baby:t2:


Don’t know about that pain part :smile: smaller pains maybe? leg cramps back ache eye strain needle pricks been there lol


Where did you order your Aster from? I preordered her months ago from dollssoreal and still haven’t been invoiced yet!

Yes would like to know where you ordered because I am waiting from dollssoreal as well

I ordered her from Macpherson’s and i should be getting her on monday

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Have you gotten the invoice yet for your Aster? My Aster should be delivered on monday

No, not yet. I’ve been checking dollssoreal daily and they still have her at the preorder price. And no invoice yet! Guess I should have ordered her from McPhersons. I’m glad yours is coming so soon! I’m
jealous :grin: I’ve been looking forward to her for months!