I'm in love with this kit!

I. Love. Her.
Elyse by Cassie Brace. Anyone ever get her? Have her?


She is lovely !! I had no chance buying her . We can’t have it all … sadly

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I reborned her when she first came out.

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She’s cute. Her expression seems to be one of a baby who is almost asleep.

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I finally got around to painting one of my kits and she sold a couple of months ago.


Awwww, so sweet!!!

Yes, I absolutely love that sleepy look!

She’s cute. It’s tough when you find a kit you really want but can’t get. Makes you want them more.

Awww I’m so jealous!

Yes… that is a very welcomed look for a Mom at the end of a long day with baby!

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Oh my!!! Your Elyse is stunning. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I hope to do one of her babies when I get better…

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She’s a gorgeous kit ! Love Cassie’s sculpts !!!

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@Moonray I think she’s becoming one of my favorite sculptors! My top 3 are Adrie Stoete, Romie Strydom & Cassie!


She’s one of my favorites too !
She will have new sculpts comming out soon, can’t wait :wink:

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