I'm going to ROSE! (Happy dance)

I’ve signed up for Susan Dizon J Gibbs’ silicone painting class! Now the hard part–fundraising! I’ve calculated that driving would be cheaper ($250 round trip) whereas flying is $250 one way). The remaining balance for the class is due in May–$425. I already have a baby scheduled for my aunt to be done by Christmas ($200).
I’m going to be working super hard now to get babies done by Christmas so I have funds to get there for my class.
I’m not planning to go to any of the special events because it will already be hard enough to fund to get there. But I am excited to go and meet some of you in person!! I can’t stop smiling!!

Any suggestions on how to raise funds? Besides selling dolls and watching my spending. How much do you budget for spending at ROSE?


Have you considered the price of your hotel?? The Hilton (if not sold out) is $119 plus tax a night. Davis Conference Center is attached to the hotel. If you aren’t buying a complete combo pass you will have to buy all your own food. As far as spending, that is completely up to you. There is so many things to buy that money disappears quickly. Just make sure you have enough so you don’t have to get bummed out if you see something and can’t get it. I have never purchased a “doll” there but I have bought a couple of kits. You will have a great time and it is so worth whatever you have to spend. Try to gather as much money as you possibly can, just in case!! Where do you have to drive from?? If you will be on the road more than one day there will be the cost of a hotel for that too. Sometimes the price of flying isn’t really too bad considering.

Oh, congratulations on signing up for the class, you’ll learn a lot!!

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Ohhhh FUN!!! Congrats on getting the class. You’ll love it! Susan is so sweet! I look forward to meeting you in person. I’ll be an exhibitor there so be sure to come by my table #230 Day Lily Dr.
I’ll have a special gift fornyou since this is your first time to ROSE! Until supply runs out.
Its hard to say how much money to plan on spending. I’ve seen people spend thousands and then there’s some that spend $100 and for them that’s too much. One things for sure…if you want to have fun, plan on coming to the nighttime events. It’s amazing and worth every dime.


How much are general admission tickets to Rose? I’ve never been, but have decided me and my daughter are going this year. I live in Layton, 2 miles from where Rose is. I don’t have an amazingly huge house, and have 4 kids, but if anyone is needing a place to stay, I have a room! :blush:

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I’m so happy for you. I plan to be there next year as well. I need to find some classes to sign up for. How do I get information?

@Satinysilke here’s the website: rosedollexpo.com The silicone painting class is sold out, I got the last spot. I think most of the classes are already sold out, actually.
@KaylaMattinson $15 for admission to the floor per person not sure about kids.
@Blissfulbabies I don’t plan on attending the evening events, that’s definitely too much money for me to spend.
@lynn Yes I have thought about the hotel. It’s too much for me to spend, so I’m working on alternate options. And no I won’t be spending a ton. I won’t be driving overnight. I’ve already calculated everything for that. I’m going to be busting my butt already and it’s going to be tight so I don’t anticipate having a lot to spend. Definitely not something that’s easy for a college student to save for.

Well what ever you’re gonna do I can guarantee you’ll have a blast. Be sure to seek all of us out so we can meet you!!

I tell my family every year that all I want for Christmas is money for ROSE. Don’t buy me anything…just $$ for ROSE.


@honojane looks like @Sydster will be coming from your neck of the woods.


Around there! Yep. Driving from Gresham area. May stop in North Powder for a bit to say hi to the grandparents, but not sure yet.
I wish I could ask my family for that but I was raised where it’s not polite to ask for money from people. It’s more appropriate to earn it yourself. Now, if I so happen to get a check from my grandma, it’ll be going towards ROSE. I feel like it’s justified since I didn’t ask for it.
If I get super desperate, I’ll ask for help around my birthday (April). But it’s just the beginning now and I’m anticipating a lot of babysitting and dog sitting/training jobs when I’m home. :slight_smile:


That sounds like a good plan to earn money @Sydster, I think with your determination you’ll have all you need when it’s time to go!! good luck!!

I agree that it’s not polite to ask but my kids and grand kids ask me so I tell them they could buy me the combo pass. They say here’s the money you buy it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The rest I earn. I like how you were raised and it feels good to know you did it yourself.
I’m looking so forward to meeting you even more now. You sound like a neat person.


Haha! That’s a good idea. It does feel good to earn it on your own–especially when it’s so tempting to buy all these new released Realborns! (Christmas list!!) Thanks! I look forward to meeting all of you!
Remember how this year they had a sale on the tickets/passes? Do you think there will be a sale next year? If there is I’ll definitely be able to do more while I’m there. :slight_smile:

@Sydster you never know what BB will do as far as sales go. We all expected for them to put the kits on sale at the show but…nope. They had a big online sale right up to the show but not at the show. I was disappointed because I was just sure they’d have a sale AT the show. They did in years past. I think they were trying to do something good for those that couldn’t make it to the show.

True. I hope they put the passes on sale this year. I’d have a much bigger chance at being able to go to all of the events!

You could get a Mini combo pass, I think that gets you into everything, it just doesn’t let you get the souvenir baby.


It does. The events are worth more to me than the show. I am not there to buy stuff. I am there to see my forum friends. :heart:
And classes if possible.


I didn’t see that available. I’ll check again. Thanks!
@jlesser Good point! I would like to experience it all if possible. :slight_smile:

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ROSE combo pass is $179 with this you can do the baby shower, award banquet, show floor Friday and Saturday, and ice cream party


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Yikes! That’s still a lot of money. I think I’ll wait until later on to figure out passes and such. Thanks though!

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