I'm going insane!

So I finished the last kit I currently have and don’t have the money to buy more right now. I’m going insane! I didn’t realize that I was becoming addicted to reborning until now.


Do you live in Canada?

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Yes I do

Just wondering. It would make it expensive for anyone to share one or two kits with you.

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This has been my entire reborning experience. 1 doll every 2-5 months is my normal, I can’t afford more. It sucks but it is what it is.

I am painting my second Berjusa that I got for $10 on eBay and it is going really well this time. You can look for old factory dolls to strip.

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I got a Berenguer at a thrift store for around $5

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If you have a Ross near you, they had LA newborn type babies for $4

How much to ship a kit from us to Canada.

I shipped a kit to Quebec, Canada from QA to Isabelle ones it was $17.25 and she didn’t pay any customs fee as I marked it as ‘hobby’.

@morgan123 You can work on details on your existing ones till you get money to buy another one. Or you can learn how to root :wink:

If you was in the USA I would send you a kit for free. @morgan123


Thanks everyone🙂 I’m sure I will be fine until I get money lol.

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My sister makes fun of me because I’m always giving stuff away but I’ve got a lot of realborns in my stash that I’ll probably never paint. If you need one, I’ve got you covered!

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