I'm frustrated! Varnish problem

(GHSP) I spent 2 hrs varnishing my twins, put them in the nuwave and they came out SHINIER!! I mixed satin and matte varnish, I expected it to be a little shinier but not super shiny like it is. (I will get pictures in the morning) I mixed the 2 together because I like the matte varnish look, but hate the texture and haven’t found a way to tone it down, so if you have any suggestions for that, I’ll take those too.

*Note-I can feel the texture of the varnish so it did take, it’s just not toning it down

With flash after cooking

Without flash after cooking

With flash before cooking

Without flash before cooking

I mix my varnish in with my last layer of paint that goes on a kit.Thinly spread and pounced all over very thin. After baking,no shine and it feels silky to the touch.

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What kind of varnish do you use?

Genesis matte.I should have said usually my last layer of paint is a wash,so I use more varnish than color in that last layer,thinned to wash consistency.

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I mix my matte varnish with a bit of thinner–until it’s like a watery texture. After it’s baked (I only do 2 sessions of 7 minutes each, with cooling time in between) I usually get a nice soft finish. However, sometimes I do get that rough feeling. I take a paper towel (Bounty is what I have used because it is plain but textured) and gently rub the vinyl pieces with the paper towel. It helps quite a bit if you are patient with it and are able to go over more than once. :slight_smile:

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It looks like you got your ratios off a bit. I find that about 60% Matte Varnish to 40% Satin varnish works well. Mix a lot on the pallet to thin it out and pounce it well.

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Ok, that’s probably why, I mixed 50-50

So a new problem has arose, the varnish won’t set

What are you mixing in the varnish besides the 2 varnishes?

Nothing, I tried cooking it while wet and it’s not as shiny any more

I am not sure why yours is not setting but I have always understood it best to let the pieces sit to “flash off” before heat setting. Otherwise, you do get more sheen. I try to let mine sit until they have more of a dry look before putting them in the oven when sealing with Genesis.

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Mine weren’t drying was the problem I put setting but it just wasn’t drying so I cooked it wet and it seems fine

did you wash your kit with dawn to remove the ‘mold release’ and rub it down with alcohol before beginning to paint? Not saying this is the cause but just looking for a ‘maybe’.

I find high humidity can effect things here.

yes I did

probably, it seems to be working ok now

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I always let my pieces sit for at least an hour after ading the varnish. It turns almost chalky white when it dries. Then I bake.