I'm confused about this body

I had clydes cloth body in the bag with him limbs n neck ring. So I took it out the bag, which still had the body number on it. I took it out and it looks 2 small for Clyde. I checked the body size for Clyde n it is the one I have. I could barely get his head in the body. His head and limbs look too big for the body. Is this the actual body for Clyde?


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You photo did not load.

Clyde is a small little guy. I haven’t reborn him though so not sure about his body…

Photo didn’t load… :slight_frown: I think sometimes the Realborn bodies are meant to be snug, but my Kimberly body was willing to stretch out a bit after I stuffed with polyfil to help. Maybe try that?

The head is really snug. I tied the limbs onto body last night. It looked fine. The head just looks to big n snug for the body to me!

Looks fine to me.

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Stuff something into the body so it is not flat. Then measure in a straight line the head (top to jaw) and the body from shoulder should be about 1.5x the size of the head. In the photo it looks just right to me.

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If I remember correctly, my body for him was the same way.


Looks right to me. By the time you stuff the body and shoulders, it will be fine.

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