I'm a very happy new reborner - found many of my dream kits!

I hope my friends here won’t mind me sharing how happy I am that, after just two months of seriously starting on my reborning hobby, I have tracked down many of my favourite kits!

My “kit quest” has taken me on a virtual world tour of the internet into places no reborner from Australia would usually be found haha! I’ve had many translated conversations with sellers who don’t speak English and have met many delightful people. It’s been quite an experience!

I realised early on that I must have excellent taste because somehow, most of my favourite faces are also the ones that have been wildly popular and sold out for ages! Just my luck to like all the expensive and hard to find ones!

But anyway, I have been steadily finding the kits on my wish list, and even though they are often more expensive than when they are new, I’ve found some good deals too. So far, I have located:

Rainer Strydom
Claire Strydom
Porsha Strydom
Poppy Strydom (I think she must be rare - hardly see her anywhere)
Meagan Strydom (I think this one must be super rare - I had never even heard of her before the lady I bought Poppy from mentioned she also had Meagan for sale)
Anouk Kolpin
Ella Wegerich
Chloe Blick
Livia Legler
Saskia Brown

And I have also bought some kits that are much more current:
Andi Asleep
Raven Lau
Josie Lau
Emilia Lau
Cammie Lau - yes obviously I am a huge Ping Lau fan lol
Mattia Legler

I would still love to find:
Harper Arcello
Coco Blick
Cianne Strydom
Bronwyn Strydom

I know I have way many more kits than finished dolls at this point! I am almost finished the painting on my first doll - she is a Silja by Linde Scherer that I bought maybe ten years ago when I first thought of getting into reborning, but never got further than buying a few kits…oops! haha!

There seems to be a problem of glorious excess in this hobby - too many adorable and beautiful kits, and more being released all the time - but not enough time or $$ to make the babies :joy:


You do have good taste! I have more kits than time to paint, but am hoping to be more productive this summer. When I first started I would often buy two kits in case I messed up, so I have ended up with some duplicates. I do not do that so much anymore. There are so many new kits that I only buy two if I really, really love the kit.

Nice collection . Hopefully you have enough time for all of them . Post pictures of your work so people can adore your rare babys

Here’s Cianne… on eBay

Congrats on finding a lot of your dream kits!!

You got some really great kits! I especially like Romie’s sculpts. I think everyone must have kept their Poppys and Meagans because I rarely see them, either. Better get painting, girl. You’ve got a lot of reborn hours ahead of you! Have fun.

I see you are having fun! Can’t wait to see them painted!

That’s a great list of kits! You’ll be VERY busy!!

Oh, and BTW, you’re doomed. The addiction’s already got you and you haven’t even started painting these guys yet!

I’d like to think I have good taste, but unfortunately I think mine just translates to expensive!:joy:

Congratulations on your awesome stash :heart_eyes: I would LOVE Porsha!! She looks a lot like me as a baby :blush: