IG stuff (warning a little political and heavy)

Many of you know I am wordy.

I am also opinionated (apologies but not really).

For some reason I must have liked or commented something and the algorithm sent me down some rabbit hole (if you like that then you will like this…). It was wrong and I found myself making it worse by commenting on things that were showing up in my feed.

I know not to feed a bear a cupcake.

Sometimes it isn’t a fair fight if you know what I mean. I need to be more sensitive about that but sadly I react before I think it through sometimes. I know you can be more affective with kindness and understanding than saying things that a person has no reference for but I sometimes just go to that place in my brain that is screaming “WTH is wrong with you, why would you say such a thing where does that come from”? In that moment, I become the jerk.

I digress.

So I am commenting on a topic ( female body autonomy) and pounding this person on the head with words they don’t want or need (and are not helpful) and they go and look at my profile and see circus babies.

They comment, go look at her profile, she is sick. They comment to me “coming from someone who would paint demonic faces on her children, you are the problem, you are sick, how desperate do you have to be for attention that you would use your kids that way”

I almost died laughing.

I replied (kinder this time), Those are not my children, they are dolls, that isn’t demonic, its just circus paint on vinyl.

Still they don’t get it, “why would you put paint a on a baby that little!”

Again I had to say, “that isn’t a real baby, it is a doll”

Then a couple other people say “I checked it out, someone should call CPS on her”

Because of the nature of the original post these people were so worked up and got each other worked up.

I think it finally stopped because some people realized they were dolls?

One lady said, “this is what happens in a world were people are allowed to…(leaving that out on purpose) they turn into freaks, and make creepy dolls to look like real babies, what is wrong with the world”?

I was amused.

I find it interesting that some people love our babies so much, I mean really love and appreciate them and some people are so horrified and disturbed.

I think I need to up my game and take these babies took the next level…not sure what that is. Silicone?

Then BB drops a new silicone.

Oh Lordy don’t let me fall down that rabbit hole, I still have a million vinyl sculpts to paint.


I am opinionated as well, but I’ve found with social media - whenever my fingers are itching to comment - I walk away. I have learned the hard way that it’s better to say nothing as it is to engage and have this whole thing get blown out of proportion! When your hiding behind your screen, I think it allows others to become really ugly, really quick. I don’t need that kind of negativity, so I take the low road and walk. It makes for a happier day for me, even If I know I could potentially educate someone, I rarely do. Not everyone can handle the truth.


Your are totally right, I could walk away more and preserve time, energy, and peace of mind. Gonna do better for sure. I am an old dog… it will take some time. I don’t mind good debate, you learn a lot. The trick is to not take it personally and to respect that people have different opinions, and that they are just as boggled by yours as you are by theirs. It is such a hard thing to remember when you get worked up. It is for me anyway.

I like things interesting. I found it so interesting that they couldn’t understand that I was painting dolls. I also find it interesting how many people still don’t know these dolls exist, there is hope for these babies still.

Thanks for the reply.


I love a good debate also, but have found so many people just want to be right and know everything, and no matter how much you know what your saying is truth, it just turns into a big fight! Ugh! My Mom always said you can’t have a battle of the wits with an unarmed person :sweat_smile:


smart mama!

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Ok I am totally amused that someone actually thought you were doing this to your real children! Kudos to you that your artwork looks so real! There really is humor to be found in everyday occurances, even when born out of frustrating circumstances!

I don’t really post on my Instagram. FB alone is enough to keep up with for me. I just recently signed on to TikTok and oh my!


I was personally attacked on facebook because I didn’t think that a certain soccer player was someone I would want my child to view as a role model. It was swift and ugly, and personal.

I worked at in IT at Disney when I was in my 20’s. I was once told that I represented Disney World when I was out in public. I blew that off, but the comment stayed with me. I keep doll world and personal world separate for the most part, but still constantly remind myself that I represent my doll business everywhere I go. It’s a good thing too because I would UNLEASH on some people and it would be bad.


Tik Tok, awesome, I gotta but I don’t know how I will have the time.

Not sure they really read the bio or took more than a quick look, they were all frothed up. I just found it funny.

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Same. I will write a whole paragraph, take a deep breath, then delete it :joy: after realizing it’s not worth it to get tangled up in comments with people on the internet. I actually try to avoid commenting on any post these days, because there’s so many scammers these days, I just don’t want to put my profile out there for them to try to scam or hack my account.


I’m exactly the same! I always think of my business and then i don’t send. I also don’t wanna be harassed so I keep my opinions to myself.


I am laughing hysterically!

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Haha I remember this happened another time where people thought the dolls were your children all painted up lol people are silly…
Sometimes it’s hard not to take the bait.