If you had money, but could only spend it on reborn dolly related things

What would you buy if you had money right now, but were only allowed to spend it on dolly related items?

I, first off, would love this beautiful prototype:

Then, I would want to get another April by JK kit, along with a few unpainted silicone kits (Max by Bonnie Seiben, Ella by Jennie Lee) and have them painted by Susan Gibbs. I would also get the Logan Brown silicone that was painted by Kris C…

I don’t know what I would do after that. Maybe a new camera for my photos, some props, maybe purchase another gorgeous prototype.

What about you?


If I did not have to wait until after school supplies and clothes for all my kids… oh and Paypal actually letting me have my money… (only 3 more weeks) lol

I would buy Chase, Tony, Twin B, Khloe Marie, Ramsey (not that she is out yet though)

My booth for ROSE 2019, and decorations :wink: and … so on lol

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That depends on how much I have to spend. What is the limit?

I’m guessing that there is no $$$ limit.
I would buy spanis outfits. Many many many outfits. Go to rose and take the rooting class with Jacqueline. Buy more painting suplies :grinning: I destroy so many brushes. Get April, Journey, Ava Brace, Ethon Brace, TigerLily Brace ( Yeah I love Cassie Brace babies) Atticus, Bellami and Tori.
Get a nice big desk and better lighting for my studio. The most amazing template. Could I hire someone to list my dolls and deal with clients? If that counts that would be the first in my list.

First I want a silicone baby. Then I would travel taking one on one classes from my favorite artists. How fun that would be. I would go to every doll show. I think I have enough kits lol but probably buy every new one coming out. I might even buy my own building to make and store Reborns in. Fun dream post. Lol

That PayPal probation period is a pain. I had a PayPal account for probably 10 years. Then one day I suddenly couldn’t get into it. After a few weeks I finally called PayPal. They said no account exists with that email address. Anyway…I figure it was hacked or something. I wasn’t brave enough to try setting it back up. So I set up a new one with a different email address. What a pain! I had to start over building trust. It stinks knowing you have money you can’t spend. But it does help keep you accountable. Now I’m passed that. Yay! But my bank takes 24 hours to transfer from PayPal to the bank, longer on the weekends. So…I’ve learned to keep myself out of trouble, go transfer my money from PayPal to the bank. Then if floats around in cyberspace a while, keeping me from impulsively spending it. But it’s my choice now whether I want instant access to my money or not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is scary!!! I have a lot sitting in my PayPal account. Going to do something about that this week. :no_mouth:

My issue is that I used their free card reader at the ROSE doll show as a vendor… they hold any money over $500 for 30 days that is swiped within 7 days… sooo most of my sales were with the card and my only mistake was not using a chip/swipe reader (which I had with me… but wasnt charged at the beginning of the first day… so I used the free one and thought it was working perfect… and never switched to the other one.)
I have talked to 2 customer service reps and they said they can not do anything to speed up the release, even though the buyers already have their purchases…

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Yeah. Luckily mine was empty. But it was hooked up to the debit card. Then the new account wouldn’t let me link the debit card because it was already linked to another account. I did somehow manage them to fix that over the phone. But I still don’t know what happened to the original account. :flushed:

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First Id have to have a silicone…then Id just go on buying every new baby that comes out which I think is cute and I would hunt down all the cute ones that I missed…regardless of cost, of course. Tons of baby clothes and a but if furniture (crib, bassinet, etc. ) Also I never want to wash another brush (I use makeup brushes) so I need a steady supply of new brushes, of course. Id want every colour Golden has and all the Reborn FX paints and mediums as well…Its a sickness I have, Im addicted to paint and mediums LOL…Ill probably also need a storage unit for my babies :wink: . Id also need to hire some help to finish some of them, at least with some of the hair…that takes me forever!

Think I’d try a sili, jacky Kramer’s prototype aria on eBay right now . More Swings for my babes. :slight_smile: maybe a nursery makeover, sweet Spanish clothing or Feltman brothers style clothing. A camera for reborn, Can I have some Steiner dolls too? :slight_smile:

No limit!

First off, I would hire someone to root. God, I hate rooting.

Then I’d buy a few new Genesis colors, a new oven, and a whole big set of brushes. I’d buy a nice camera and a few photo props, and a big overhead studio light. I’d start buying custom made bodies with embroidered nursery names and glass eyes for every baby I make. I’d invest in all the techniques I want to just try out but can’t justify buying just to sample - powders, different sealing mediums, even air dry paints - and test kits for all of them!!

I’d buy 2019 ROSE tickets, and get a table too. Assuming I can pay for the gas and inevitable repairs on the car after putting several thousand miles on it, that is!! If I had money, I’d also buy props for the table, of course. Maybe a fairytale theme, with baby princesses and princes.

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I would order a few custom made Alternatives from my friends on this forum as well as one from the Twisted Beanstalk and of course a Werepup!

I’d buy a Romie Strydom silicone, a really good camera, photography lessons, tickets to ROSE, all the kits I want, designer clothes for them and a 10 room house to put everything in. LOL

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Oh I should add that I would buy @izzy’s silicones! They are sooooo cute!


Where are Izzy’s silicones?

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She had a proof at ROSE I got to see and just opened her facebook page yesterday and posted some pics of Natalie :slight_smile:

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I’m saving for a Twin A Custom so it would all go towards her and accessories for her

I’d buy some of Izzy’s, too.

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