If you are looking for a place to chat about air dry paints

I have made some changes to my Facebook Group, The Reborn Connection, to be more focused
on reborn air dry painting in general. I will be posting helpful information as I find it, my own information write-ups, the results of my future tests of products and answering any questions I can through this group. I have decided it is best I streamline my time to my own group more so that I can stay in better communication with others who are learning how to paint with air dry paints and the seasoned air dry artists as well.


Awe, I deleted my FB account. Good Idea though!

I just asked to join! :slight_smile:

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Awe :frowning:

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There are 3 simple questions you will be asked to give an answer before the membership request will be approved. I have approved everyone who answered them so if you have not been approved check to see that you did that part.

Awesome, I sent a request as well. :smiley:

Just sent a request to join :slight_smile:

thank you!